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Puppies and Dogs!

Do you want to have a great relationship with your pet, new or old?
The first item on the agenda is learning how to train you loving puppy or dog.

As a child growing up with the farm dogs and even later in life, the most rewarding and enjoyable times I spent with my pets were when we were playing ball or doing tricks.

If you are looking for many enjoyable days, months and years with you doggy then seriously consider learning to train your dog.

Are you looking to:
  • Have your dog come when you call.
  • Walk obediently on a leash.
  • Stop barking at people, animals, and noises.
  • Stop aggressive behavior.
  • Learn fun and exciting tricks.

If any of this sounds like it will make your life with your new pet awesome, then consider learning to train your pet.  It is very easy once you know the tricks.

I have had many wonderful dogs over the years. I have had boxers, cocker spaniels, terriers, Yorkshire Terrier and our last dog is a puddle and Maltese mix named Patches.

My biggest challenge with dogs was the training.

Not knowing what to do and using trial and error is a very frustrating task. Trying to get them to do something without knowing how is not only frustrating to you but also your pet.

Pets love pleasing there owners, but they can only do this if they know what you want.

This is where a great training program comes into play.

I have looked at several programs and now I wish I had done this years ago. Knowing how to deal with a pet will save you and your new pet so much frustration.  Wouldn’t it be great if your new puppy would do its business outside instead of in the house? With a good training program, you will know how to make this possible without the frustration and ruined carpets.

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